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ESD10 - The Ultimate Compact Passive System

ESD10 - The Ultimate Compact Passive System
  • Very compact 2-way, high output, full-range loudspeaker
  • Despite its 10" woofer and remarkably small footprint it successfully takes on many larger 12" models and offers incredible sound quality and tremendous output
  • Perfect for installations 
  • The ESD10 features KV2 Audio's revolutionary passive delay line that ensures it is incredibly balanced, accurate and phase coherant


  • Professional, Baltic birch construction with wear resistant polymer coating.
  • 125dB sustained output, 128dB peak with very high dynamic range.
  • Compact, asymmetrical, trapezoidal cabinet design allows for use in stage monitor or under balcony applications.
  • Rotatable wide dispersion 100° H x 90° V horn.
  • Revolutionary new passive delay line.
  • 1.75" (44mm) diaphragm compression driver with complex geometry phase plug for higher output, exceptionally low distortion, extended frequency response and neodymium magnetic motor structure.
  • 10" woofer with Super Acoustic Active Impedance Control (AIC) voice coil technology and neodymium magnetic motor structure dramatically increases forces, lowers distortion and provides increased frequency response linearity.
  • Proprietary top handle design for simplified handling and carrying, integrates one M10 suspension point, OmnimountTM bracket point and four M6 points.
  • Additional side and bottom M10 points for flexible bracket, rigging and installation options.
  • "Top-hat" pole mount fitted at the base of the cabinet.

Product Number

  • KVV 987 207 - ESD10


  • Specifically designed as a passive loudspeaker for high quality, high output portable music playback and live performance in small areas
  • Full range stand-alone solution or scalable to larger capabilities with subwoofers for large conference, meetings and small to medium performance venues
  • Multi-purpose fixed installations
  • Personal monitoring
  • Infill for larger main KV2 Audio systems