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VHD4.18 - VHD Subwoofer Enclosure

VHD4.18 - VHD Subwoofer Enclosure
  • The VHD4.18 is a quad 18”subwoofer system comprising of four individual loudspeaker cabinets
  • When assembled, the VHD4.18 system becomes a high efficiency neodymium subwoofer system with immense output.Very high sensitivity 110dB (1W/1m) and a tremendous max. output of 149dB
  • Each cabinet incorporates a large port area that becomes an optimized horn aperture when all four cabinets are assembled. The quad 18” subwoofer system delivers extreme output, controlled low frequencies and resolution.
  • Integrated Fly-Tracks, easy to transport and setup

VHD4.18 - 3D

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