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KV2's VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source Array first major test - The verdict, Excellent!

Hello from KV2,

last week in Budweis, Czech Republic almost 30,000 people witnessed the making of history at a truly spectacular event. Whilst amazing holographic images, laser effects, video and fireworks set the scene - the true wonderment and spectacle came with the deployment of a revolutionary new Loudspeaker system, KV2 Audio's ground breaking VHD 5.0 Constant Power Source Array

Having won the ILDA ARTISTIC AWARD 2014 at Las Vegas, with strong competition from 160 other entrants around the world, the organisers realised that this years event needed to be something really special in order to raise the bar yet again. 

More about the event + photos

To achieve this they approached KV2 Audio and in the first event of its kind, anywhere in the world, they were able to cover an audience area of over 400 metres wide and 200 metres deep with just one VHD5.0 box (plus 4x VHD4.21 subwoofers and 1x VHD2.0 as side-fill) per side and no delays.

As this amateur video shows, taken at over 200 metres, the clarity and definition was unprecedented from such a distance, demonstrating the incredible capabilities of the system, which would simply not have been achievable using a more common digitally processed line array.

As its first major test after several years in development, this fully supports KV2's claims, citing VHD5.0 as a major feat of engineering that that will revolutionise the Live sound industry and be the first major advancement in large scale sound reinforcement since the development of Line array. 

With further obstacles to overcome, such as the river Vltava, reports came in that even up to 500 metres away, KV2's new flagship VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source Array was delivering Very High Definition Audio and continuing to amaze as this video footage demonstrates. 

KV2’s new flagship VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source System - a system that finally delivers a true and powerful representation of the original source to very large audiences in Very High Definition Audio. 

See you at PRO / BPM show in London this weekend!

KV2 Audio, Czech Republic


PRO / BPM Launch for KV2’s ground breaking VHD4.21 subwoofer

KV2 Audio return to this weekends PRO and BPM exhibitions with the launch of the hugely anticipated Active VHD4.21 ultra low frequency subwoofer. The VHD4.21 is the self-powered evolution of the already successful VHD2.21 2x21" subwoofer. Housing two newly developed cutting edge 21" Woofers and utilising revolutionary new amplification technology, unique to KV2 Audio, the VHD4.21 Active can power an additional Passive VHD4.21 and deliver an astonishing 14,000 Watts of peak power whilst being plugged in to a standard 13A wall socket.

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KV2 ruled demo shoot-out at Manila Musik 2015 aka David & Goliath

KV2 Audio, in conjunction with Point Source Systems Philippines and Sindo Exports Singapore, presented KV2 Audio VHD technology to the recent Musik Manila exhibition against the background of a head-to head shoot-out against a selection of recognised and accepted industry heavy weight line array systems. We just love making the “Point” that it’s not about the size of the system but the quality of the sound that’s important. Other competitors included JBL, L’Acoustics, d&b audiotechnik, Martin Audio, NEXO, RCF, FBT and dbTechnologies.

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