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Lunchmeat festival with VHD in Prague



For the second consecutive year, KV2 Audio Systems were exclusively used throughout the Electronic Music Festival called ‘Lunchmeat’ in the Historic city of Prague.

Famous-recognised names in Contemporary Electronic Music took full advantage of the KV2 Audio signature quality in Clarity and Definition, with Artistes performing in various venues, such as the recently opened ‘Neone’ Club, equipped with KV2 Audio SL systemsas well as culminating in a Climax-Finale, traditionally held in the underground spaces of the Prague Fair-Trade Palace, where a full VHD system pumped the Dynamic Entertainment.

Thanks to the unique and recognised properties of the KV2 Audio systems used in the many-varied venues,the festival operators and organisers provided extraordinary Audio experiences throughout and reported extremely satisfied customers.

The Promoters commented that they considered the use of KV2 Audio systems as the greatest advantage and are already planning next years partnership for the festival.


  • http://www.lunchmeat.cz
  • https://www.facebook.com/LunchmeatFestival

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