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A Guide to KV2 Analog Secrets

Twenty years ago, as KV2 was formed, the audio world came to a crossroads where among many other choices were those of digital or analog. For those on a digital journey, with its squared off black and white landscape, the smooth curves of their colourful analog lives became a distant memory. For new people joining the digital journey part way through, there was no history or reference point to remember experiencing those magical analog moments.

Our Journey into the KV2 world of Analog Secrets shares with you our deepest understanding and knowledge of sound - How we have taken the most natural thing on earth and meticulously developed innovative technologies, to reproduce it in a way nature Intended for ALL to hear…. and ENJOY! It is the basis of our learning program.

Education is acquiring knowledge and developing the powers of reasoning and judgment.

Through this course we will encourage you to listen freely again in glorious colour…… and empower you with the facts that explain, without any doubt, what your ears are telling you. Why the dimension of time, immeasurable by the analysing equipment so often used today still has an unquestionable and profound effect on the accuracy of an image and the definition of the sound we hear over distance.

There are many audio courses run by institutions or manufacturers which present a hypothetical audio phenomenon, undeniably based on real physics and often unquestionable as a theoretical presentation. However they unfortunately overlook some very key elements which dramatically affect what we can hear. More so their calculations or specifications are rarely based on the process of LISTENING. Through our course you will learn to listen, come to recognise these key elements, be aware, and apply technologies that you understand are the right choice to make the world a better sounding place for now and future generations.

Lesson 1: Sound Basics

We share with you the core principles of sound, helping you understand which elements and characteristics make the biggest difference in audio reproduction today.

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Lesson 2: Live Sound Basics

Moving forwards you will learn the basics of live Sound, covering the terminology used, as well as configuration, set up and deployment of systems for maximum effect as a live sound professional.

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Lesson 3: Time

In this lesson we look at why time is such an important and often overlooked dimension in the art of transferring the emotion of a performance and presenting an accurate reproduction of the source over distance.

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Lesson 4: Superior Circuitry

The basic methods of electronic amplifier design, the requirement for super-fast components and an explanation of the often misused term distortion.

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Lesson 5: Digital

As masters of analog engineering, KV2 do not steer away from Digital - they just make it better! Learn about KV2’s revolutionary 20MHz system as well as the inherent problems and their effect on live sound of many more conventionally used DSP and PCM based processors. 

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Lesson 6: Superior Drivers 

The driver is our connection to the sound we hear- It’s ability to take a signal and faithfully reproduce it with minimal losses and distortion is fundamental. We examine the techniques used and the materials selected to ensure the maximum transfer takes place in the most efficient and highest quality possible.

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Lesson 7: Point Source Power 

A refreshing insight into the types of loudspeaker systems used today. The pros and cons of Line source arrays and why Point source has become the first choice of many industry professionals favouring superior audio quality.

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