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The Future of Sound. Made Perfectly Clear.

At KV2 Audio our vision is to constantly develop technologies that eliminate distortion and loss of information providing a true dynamic representation of the source. Our aim is to create audio products that absorb you, place you within the performance and deliver a listening experience beyond expectation.


VHD5 Constant Power Point Source

The VHD5 Constant Power Point Source System is the first major advancement in large scale concert sound reinforcement since the development of the Line Array. More


VHD Series

Large Format Point Source System designed to revolutionize the market by offering unparalleled quality, power, and coverage with huge cost savings in terms of size, weight, transportation, storage, and set up time. More


SL Series

Slimline Wide Dispersion Speaker System – Small Footprint, High Output, Wide Soundfield The SL Series Delivers Like No Other. Compact and modular housed in separate, portable SL3000. More


ESR Series

Full Range Wide Dispersion Active Speaker System – Superb Reproduction of Deep Lows to Pristine Highs From a Single Speaker Cabinet. VHD and Super Analog housed in separate, rack mounted ESR amplifiers. More


ES Series

As the first product developed by KV2 and continually renewed over the last decade, the ES Series has become renowned for its unique and versatile capabilities. Its performance has amazed audio professionals around the... More


CS Series

The CS series is purposely designed as a 2 way passive range for applications where subtle, non-intrusive aesthetics matter greatly, such as small to large corporate events, presentations and meetings, but with very... More


EX Series

Low Distortion and High Definition from a Pioneer in Active Speaker Technology. Designed for high quality, high output multi-tasking, portable music playback and live performance in small to medium applications. More


ESD Series

ESD Time Aligned Passive Speaker Range – Optimum Quality Without The Need of External Processors. Two and three way passive full-range loudspeaker solutions featuring a revolutionary passive delay line. More


ESM Series

ESM Time Aligned Foldback Monitors – Low Profile, High Definition & Feedback Rejection. Features a revolutionary passive delay line which dramatically reduces feedback. The Ultimate Stage Sound. More

ESP Amps

ESP Amplifiers

KV2 Audio ESP Amplifiers are concerned with providing the highest quality electronic amplification, based around purpose built circuitry and Topology, the lowest distortion levels and the fastest settling time. More


K-RIG System

Groundstack Active Driven System consisting of KT2.0 with KT2.15 subwoofer using one K-RIG amplifier / processor per side. More



KV2 Audio’s legendary Very High Definition Line Drivers on every output, ensuring the highest signal integrity and the smallest loss of signal through long cable lengths. Super Analog processing. More

500 Series

500 Series

KV2 bring you a selection of exceptional audio tools for the 500 Series that offer, not only Class A circuitry with some of the lowest distortion figures in their field, but also brand new radical approaches to age old... More

DI Boxes

JK - DI Boxes

Fully sealed switches and the best available components the JK Series of DI solutions is suitable for recording and live applications. DI solutions set a new standard in audio quality and value for money. More


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The Future of Sound. Made Perfectly Clear.

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