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U.S. Embassy Prague Celebrates 4th of July with KV2 sound


On the occasion of the U.S. Independence Day celebrations (July 4), the U.S. Embassy in Prague held an event at the residence of US Ambassador Andrew Schapiro. A KV2 sound system was deployed to take care of the difficult acoustic environment, mainly due to the size of the park and the number of large mature trees.

With material ranging from spoken word, to a fifty piece choir delivering the National Anthems, provision of the highest quality sound has always been a priority at this event. With such high expectations and for the fourth year running, KV2 Audio was once again chosen as the preferred system  to meet these demands, delivering a perfectly clear message to all the listeners. 

System setup:

  • Main PA system - 2 x SL412 
  • Side fills - 4 x EX10 
  • Other fills (end of the park) - 2 x EX12 and 2 x EX26 transmitted wirelessly (1,8Ghz) and delayed by SDD3


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