KV2 Audio » KV2 for the musical "Ghost – Message from Sam" at the Theater des Westens, Berlin 

KV2 for the musical "Ghost – Message from Sam" at the Theater des Westens, Berlin 

From mid-December 2017 to October 7, 2018, the musical "GHOST – Message from Sam" thrilled audiences every evening at the Theater des Westens in Berlin (Germany). 

The musical "GHOST - Message from Sam" tells a dramatic and exciting story about the power of true love. Molly and Sam are the perfect couple and immortally in love. But one evening the unbelievable happens: Sam is shot dead during a robbery. While Molly grieves for him, Sam wanders around as a good ghost and finds out that Molly too is in danger of his life. But as a ghost he is neither seen by the living, nor can he intervene in the events. Through the medium of Oda Mae he tries to stand in the way of fate...

International musical productions place the highest demands on crew and technology. Sound designer Andreas Hammerich from Stage Entertainment GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, has chosen KV2 Audio for this production. Clearest live vocal sound reproduction over prominent pop music was the challenge with this production. "The results in terms of vocal presence and detail richness that can be achieved for musical productions like these, with KV2 loudspeakers they are absolutely unequalled in my opinion", adds Andreas Hammerich.

The main sound system in the audience area consists of two SL412s per side with two SL2.15 subwoofers. Two EX12 and four VHD2.18J double-18-inch center subwoofers were installed as centers and downfills. 

Two EX26s served as infills - to extend the horizontal coverage of the main PA system - and six EX6s served as outfills for the side rank areas.

Six ESD5 front fills were used for the first rows of seats. These were invisibly integrated into the edge of the stage. Another six ESD5s were also used as delay lines under the balcony. The stage monitoring was done with eight ESD6 and three ESM26.

System setup:

  • Main PA: 2x SL412 and 2x SL2.15 per side
  • Center/ Downfill: EX12
  • Center Delay: EX12
  • Center Subs: 4x VHD2.18J
  • Frontfills: 6x ESD5
  • Infill: 2x EX26
  • Outfills: 6x EX6
  • Delayline Orchestra Level: 6x ESD5
  • Stage monitoring: 8x ESD6, 3x ESM26

The delay lines for the upper three tiers as well as the surround system are part of the permanent installation of the house. 

Photos: "Ghost - Message from Sam" © Johan Persson / www.stage-entertainment.de


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