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Amnesia Unveils World’s Most Advanced Sound System



Ahead of a long-awaited weekend that sees the San Rafael club throw its doors open for the 2019 season, Amnesia has released some exciting news. The venue's opening party will present some state-of-the-art upgrades.

Specifically, the previous Terrace sound system has been replaced by industry-leading KV2 Audio technology. Custom-made by pro audio expert George Krampera, the new system will be put through its paces by the likes of Luciano and the The Martinez Brothers on Saturday night.

Capable of transmitting intricate sound transparency resulting in an emotional dance floor experience, this is where art meets science. In designing, installing and fining tuning this ambitious project, George has fulfilled a career-long desire to make his mark felt on Ibiza.

KV2 Audio is stylised by incredibly low distortion and pristine high definition. Amnesia seems confident that the clarity and detail will be apparent to talent and attendees alike.

We're very excited to hear the results. It certainly seems like a labour of love for an audiophile who has honed his craft over 50-years.

For anybody who misses out on this occasion, we'll report back on Monday morning. Plus there's plenty more opportunity between now and the end of summer.

Be one of the first clubbers to experience this special sonic adventure by clicking below for the last remaining tickets.

Source: Ibiza-spotlight.com

More detailed technical report on Amnesia's new sound system is coming soon...



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