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Backstage Academy Signs Partnership with KV2



Backstage Academy, the live event production educational facility, has signed a new Partnership Agreement with professional loudspeaker manufacturer KV2 Audio.

KV2 Audio, whose R&D and manufacturing base is in the Czech Republic, has worked informally with the academic institution, based at Production Park in Wakefield, for the past two years—providing equipment for student-led events on an ad hoc basis and presenting seminars.

These seminars are always well received,” said Tom Weldon, who is in charge of UK sales.

We have an exclusive point source approach to loudspeaker design and are proud to be able to present this approach to the technicians of the future. We strongly believe this is the best way to reproduce the original source, and in a market that is dominated by alternative designs, it’s important that students are exposed to all options. We try not to blind people with the technology side, but instead, encourage them to really use their ears and from that starting point, it’s surprising how quickly they begin to understand our philosophy and approach.

In their engagement with the Academy, KV2 has provided a ‘tool kit’ of products, enabling students to create a six-way monitor mix via the passive ESM26 and ESM12 alongside a portable plug and play FOH system with the active EX series, offering complete reconfigurability that can be set-up by individual students quickly and easily.

In sharing close geographical proximity to Wakefield – KV2’s UK headquarters are in Harrogate– the other benefit of partnering with Backstage Academy is the access to Production Park for potential larger-scale demonstrations.

KV2’s Director Jonathan Reece added: “The amazing facility at Production Park is clearly an attraction for KV2. However, our main hope for this arrangement is that by giving students three years to work with and understand KV2 products they will experience a broader field of knowledge and be more inclined to join the numerous Sound Designers and Engineers choosing to place our products on their shows later on.”

Backstage Academy industry Partnerships Director, Miles Marsden said: “KV2 has been a long term supporter of Backstage Academy; the delivery of their electro-acoustic masterclasses has always been well received by our students. Their unique scientific approach and focus on application rather than a particular product is the way we like to roll here."

“In our opinion, KV2’s well-engineered products punch above their weight explaining perhaps the increasing popularity of the brand particularly in West End, Broadway and Touring Theatre and why our students benefit from exposure to the product they are likely to come across in the live events sector.

“It’s also a bonus and a source of local pride that KV2 UK headquarters are just up t’road here in Yorkshire.”



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