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Concert AV Buys First KV2 Audio VHD5.0 System in Australia



Melbourne-based Concert Audio Visual steps into the big league by investing in a KV2 Audio VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source System.

Established in 2004 by director Joe Sofo, Concert Audio Visual serves a varied customer base of corporate and live sound events, along with operating a hi-tech and pro audio sales department out of its Melbourne office.
“We started business carrying a few of the smaller format line arrays and moved into a larger format line array,” explains Joe Sofo. “Now, moving into own point source technology like this... well, it’s one hellavu step up.

Joe’s introduction to KV2 Audio came via a professional recommendation. Being an independent thinker, Joe looked into the underlying philosophy of the point source technology and was impressed enough to touch base with KV2 Audio Australia director, Dave Williams.

I demo’ed some of the smaller enclosures, such as the EX and ESM series, and I was beyond impressed,” enthuses Joe.

After adding EX and ESM to his store’s retail catalogue, Joe first encountered VHD5.0 at a full-scale demonstration at Australia’s best known outdoor venue, the Sydney Myer Music Bowl.

I was asked to assist KV2 Audio Australia with the rigging of the VHD5.0 system,” recalls Joe. “I’ve had a lot of systems in that venue from large point source systems to even bigger line arrays. But when I heard the VHD5.0 with subs I was blown away.

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Not long after that experience Concert AV began negotiating the purchase of a full-scale VHD5.0-based concert rig, that includes a full complement of VHD4.21 Active Sub Bass Modules, downfill, and VHD5000 power amplifiers.

This purchase allows us to play with the big boys. A full-scale concert PA like the VHD5.0 will really benefit our existing customers but will also open other doors for us.

Joe Sofo is looking forward to introducing the system to the Australian market which is still new to the advantages of KV2’s innovative take on large-scale point source.

We recently had a show where we used the VHD2.0 system — the smaller brother of the VHD5.0,” recalls Joe Sofo. “This particular venue is right by the water and quite prone to strong, gusty winds. We’ve had issues with our line array systems there, as had all the other rental companies — the high frequency content just falls apart in the wind. This client gave us the opportunity to show VHD2.0 in action and they were impressed. The crowd was in the order of 3500 — ideal for the smaller VHD2.0. It ran solidly for 10 hours into a 40kmh-plus crosswind and it was faultless. We can’t wait to let the VHD5.0 loose in outdoor concerts like that, and much, much larger — its performance is a real game changer.

KV2 Audio Sales Director for North America and Asia, Dave Croxton, added: “Concert AV’s purchase of our new VHD5.0 Large Format Point Source System demonstrates Joe’s progressive thinking in breaking into the concert market. Rather than outlaying a large amount of capital on one of the rider-friendly brands, Joe chose to invest in new technology that will outperform his competitors and save him money in transport, labour and sheer capital outlay. We look forward to working with Concert AV as they continue to grow their business with KV2 Audio.”


The VHD5.0 is a three-way enclosure handling low mids, mids and highs over a frequency range from 45Hz through to 20kHz. It incorporates eight front-loaded 10-inch low-mid drivers, six horn-loaded eight-inch mid-range drivers and 3 x three-inch NVPD (Nitrate Vapour Particle Deposition) titanium compression drivers on a custom designed, manifold horn assembly with summing waveguide. With the capacity to run full range down to 45Hz, the VHD5.0 is usually crossed over at 70Hz to the VHD4.21 Active Sub Bass Modules. Both the VHD5.0 and VHD8.10 cabinets incorporate very simple to use integrated flyware that links cabinets together quickly and easily.

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