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Czech Philharmony with Jazz at Lincoln Centre Orchestra at Prague's Open Air Concert



A Unique joint performance by the Czech Philharmony and world famous jazz promoter - Wynton Marsalis, alongside his Jazz at Lincoln Centre Orchestra, was held within the traditional Open Air Concert at Prague Castle. In what is becoming the norm, KV2 Audio was chosen to provide the excellent sound system.

Marsalis first tuned the audience with three standard pieces by Duke Ellington and then both orchestras played in unison, Marsalis symphony conducted by Wayne Marshall. This had to be unfortunately terminated just before its end due to the sudden adverse weather conditions. However this piece acted like a history guide through various forms of swing. It needs to be highlighted that members of the Czech Philharmony were the absolute equivalent companions to the star performer, especially trumpets and clarinets.

Unlike previous years, when promoters chose the KV2 Audio VHD2.0 Large Format Point Source System, this year the new revolutionary system VHD5.0 was utilized. It is a matter of course that the whole acoustic chain was kept analogue, including mixing consoles Audient Aztec 48 for the orchestra and Audient Aztec 32 for the jazz ensemble.

Main PA (set as full range without subbasses):

  • 2x VHD5.0 Mid Hi Module
  • 6x VHD8.10 Low Mid Module
  • 2x SL412 fullrange downfill Module
  • 2x amp VHD5000
  • 2x amp VHD5000S
  • 2x amp SL3000

Front fill:

  • 2x EX10

Delay fill, LED screen back to FOH:

  • 2x SL412 (fullrange)

Delay fill, chill park, back to STAGE:

  • 2x EX12 fullrange box

FOH Czech Philharmony:

  • analog console AUDIENT AZTEC, 48m+2st chanels, 12 VCA, 8 Sub Groups, 8x AUX mono,
  •  2x AUX stereo with PAN, L/C/R master
  • upgraded by George Krampera 


  • 2x Power supply unit for AUDIENT AZTEC console


  • CD/MP3/USB  player NUMARK MP-103USB
  • YAMAHA SPX 900
  • YAMAHA SPX 2000
  • Lexicon PCM 81
  • TC Electronic D-Two 
  • Ensoniq DP2
  • DBX 166A Vintage 2 chanel comp./limiter/gate
  • DBX 160A 1chanel comp./limiter  10pcs


  • Master parametric EQ KLARK TEKNIK DN410
  • Master 2x31 band EQ AUDIENT ASP231 2pcs
  • LINDELL audio 7X-500 1channel FET comp./limiter 
  • SD8 eight band, stereo master EQ, with line driver 
  • IGS audio ONE LA 1chanel tube comp./limiter (classic L2A Teletronic sound) 2pcs
  • VHD stereo master preamp
  • SDD3 20Mhz sampling, TOP delay line  
  • Drawmer  DS201  2chanel gate 3pcs

FOH Jazz at Lincoln Centre Orchestra :

  • analog console AUDIENT AZTEC, 28m+4st chanels, 12 VCA, 8 Sub Groups, 8x AUX mono,
  • 2x AUX stereo with PAN, L/C/R master
  • upgraded by George Krampera 


  • 2x Power supply unit for AUDIENT AZTEC console


  • YAMAHA SPX 2000
  • Lexicon PCM 91
  • DBX 166XL  2 channel comp./limiter/gate
  • DBX 160A 1channel comp./limiter 2pcs
  • COMPEX, 3 channel comp./limiter/dynamic EQ
  • Meyer Sound master parametric EQ

Stage preamps:

  • total 72 channels to mix
  • 9x SD8


  • AKG 414
  • AKG 451
  • Rode NT5
  • ADK thor
  • AudioTechnica ATM 35
  • EV ND868
  • Sennheiser MD 421
  • Shure KSM9 wireless

Photo credits: Czech Philharmony

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