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David Croxton passed away



It is with the deepest and most sincere regret that we have to announce the shocking and unexpected passing of our great friend and colleague David Croxton as the result of a fatal accident.

David joined the family of KV2 Audio in 2011, to fulfil a new Sales Director role within Asia Pacific, but initially as a curious non-believer of the technologies and theories of our founder and developer, George Krampera Snr.

As was typical of David, he soon discovered through deep thought, questioning and actual operating of systems that he could not only understand and accept what was being proposed, but provide essential and additional complements with his quiet considered approach, linked to a deep well of knowledge and advice, usually delivered with his inimitable dry wit. Once on board he rapidly became the fiercest proponent of the company’s outlook and presentation.

His determination, energy and endeavours were certainly a part of the company’s success throughout the world. Having worked in the audio industry throughout his career, David’s knowledge of touring systems and studio production recording coupled with his experience of having run a successful distribution business in his Australian homeland, provided unparalleled access to unique insights and knowledge to those involved with him throughout his work – insights and knowledge that will now be greatly missed.

His passing has left behind a huge hole in everybody’s hearts, especially his family and friends and we are all thankful for having had the privilege of being his friend and colleague.

We miss him hugely.

David is survived by his wife and three children.


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