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India - Palme Mumbai



India has always been an important market for KV2 Audio, and during the several years of presence in the country, KV2 Audio wanted to give a direct and clear signal to the Indian customers, of how we value their partnership and participation.

The occasion was the PALME MUMBAI exhibition, which was a perfect platform to launch a more direct presence of the company into the marketplace and an ideal place to both open up the company and its management to the needs, questions and enthusiastic comments of the dealers and KV2 “owners” in the region.

The PALME MUMBAI saw KV2 Audio’s booth, a 36 sqm position, set up in cooperation with our distributors CINETEKK/AG Acoustics, perfectly outfitted with KV2’s green and black colours and a wide range of products displayed. Alongside, was the undoubtable-important presence in the outdoor demonstration area, where a single VHD system fiercely competed with a selection of big, large and larger Line Array systems, leaving in most of the demos the wide audience with an open mouth on howsuch a small footprint system can sound so big? Commonly, this is normal for KV2 Audio, but less sofor most of the customers there. The reaction was, as usual-after each outdoor demo, a constant stream and queue of customers visiting the booth, requesting quotes and information on the VHD system, and other products.

The Mumbai show was then followed by two other important product demonstration and training seminars, in Chennai and in New Delhi, where we could give our relevant customer base much more information about all our products and where they could, in two very different environments, have a quiet, relaxing listen of lines such as the EX, ESD and ES.

In New Delhi, a full scale demonstration was held in a huge field measuring more than 300 mtx 100mts, inside a farm normally used for wedding ceremonies, and where customers mainly from the north of India could have a precise demonstration of the capabilities of a double ES system and a single VHD system,as well as the opportunity to compare with a first class line array system brought there as a comparison tool, to provide a clear answer to the usual question of “Surely a single point source unit cannot throw far”

‘You cannot obtain as high an output as a Line Array”

Just a single VHD2.0 is comparable to how many Line Array Cells?’

Comparable?”….the answer was clear enough, one single VHD 2.0 top box kept the pace of 6 units of a big line array, we won’t disclose the brand, as it does not really matter?


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