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Initial Deliveries Of KV2 Products By Autograph Sales & Installations



Edinburgh’s Blue Parrot Production & Events have added a suite of KV2 products to their hire inventory, supplied by Autograph.

Eight models from KV2’s self-powered range (four EX26s, two EX10s and two EX12s) were joined by a pair of EX1.8 active subwoofers, all supplied in touring covers.

Blue Parrot’s Mike Somerville remarked, ‘We bought the boxes as we needed a point source solution for our constant need to complement our Meyer line array system in bigger theatres for stage fills, delays and front and side fills. The EX10s and EX12s also prove to be great FOH speakers in smaller venues.

After reading outstanding testimonials from award-winning sound designers and hearing the boxes with my own ears, with that quality of speaker we absolutely had to start our journey with KV2. The speakers have enjoyed a very busy summer and are already proving very popular with our clients.


Source: Autographsales.co.uk


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