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International Ice Wine Festival in Niagara Falls Ontario powered by KV2


Niagara AV Wine Festival 2016 stage
Niagara AV Wine Festival EX12 monitor

Niagara AV, a long established and professional event production/installation company based in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada was called upon to provide audio and lighting for the very prestigious and highly attended International Ice Wine Festival.

Primary focus was to provide a professional audio system to host the thousands of guest wishing to have the full compliment of the award winning wines and serenade of the incredible talents taking stage.
KV2 Audio was the only PA used to accomplish needs of Mike Webb, sound designer with only the right and best sound in mind. "Everyone was just happy with sound and musicians love those monitors", says Mike, "They keep getting back to me saying they can hear themselves whispering", smiles along with Paul Lalama from the band Jonesy who was one of the front line acts for the festival.

KV2 Audio system setup: 

  • 2x KT2.0
  • 4x KT2.15
  • 2x KPAK2600
  • 3x EX12 as for stage monitors

Niagara AV - www.niagaraavsystems.com
Ice Wine Festival Home Page - www.icewinefestivals.com


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