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KV2 announces new partnership in Sweden alongside VHD delivery



KV2 Audio is proud to announce that Swedish rental and event company FREMLAB AB has invested in several new products, including the flagship VHD system.

After years of working with mostly EX and ES products, they decided the time was right to invest in a bigger system, both as replacement for some older equipment but also to open new business opportunities and enable them to offer a higher level of quality to their customers. 

Although taking time to consider all available options FREMLAB came back to KV2 with Carl Fredrik Malmgren, FREMLAB's CEO, explaining “One of the main reasons for choosing the VHD System, besides the obvious superior sound quality, was both the reliability of all the other KV2 products that we have been using for almost 10 years now, as well as the extremely easy set up and plug and play capability that VHD offers. All this, accompanied by the flexibility that a point source solution offers for both indoor and outdoor events, related perfectly to the needs of our rental and event business.”

Adding to this, the impressive network of hire companies using VHD Systems throughout the Scandinavian region makes it easily expandable if more systems are needed for bigger events, further highlighting the system as obvious choice.

Coinciding with this investment FREMLAB have been appointed as KV2 Audio's official sales partner for Sweden. This is due to their vast experience with KV2 products both for rental and in fixed installations. 

Sweden was one of the first markets where KV2 started from the very beginning” says Alex Pagliani, KV2 Audio's EMEA Sales Director “between a few changes of distribution, we know that FREMLAB have always been using KV2, so it seemed to be a perfect partner with which to relaunch the KV2 brand in Sweden, where the market has changed heavily in the past years, and for which we completely redefined our sales and distribution strategies”.

For more information on KV2 products, demonstration or service needs, do not hesitate to contact FREMLAB in their hedquarters in Helsingborg.


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