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KV2 Audio at Global Eclipse Gathering 2017



A projection of one million visitors were expected to head to Oregon to see the solar eclipse in totality. One of the many festivals, but by far the biggest in Oregon, was the Oregon Eclipse Festival located about an hour outside of the small town of Prineville. Fourteen global collaborators came together to produce a festival, unlike any other festival before.

Symbiosis (California), Lightning in a Bottle (California), Bass Coast Festival (Canada), Beloved (Oregon), Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Hadra (France), Noisily (UK), Origin (South Africa), Ometeotl (Mexico), Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Re:Birth (Japan), Sonic Bloom (Colorado), Science and Non Duality (California) and Universo Parellelo (Brazil) brought the best of their events to create an out of the box world that has a little something for everyone. For the week of August 17th through the 23rd, attendees were completely off the grid on the Big Summit Prairie near the Ochoco National Forest without cell phone reception or internet. 

5 stages were outfitted with KV2 Audio. Multiple companies came together sharing knowledge and gear to provide various system configurations. Live Instrumentation, Electronic Music, Theater, and Speech were all covered, the largest of which was a Indigenous Peoples ceremony for over 20,000 people during the Solar Eclipse. 

Kori Piatt of Aesthesis had this to say about the Solar Temple stage: “when the technical production team asked for a sound system that could provide for the most amount of people with the smallest footprint for speech, I knew the ES System would be the perfect choice. Everyones expectations were exceeded, including my own. We had crystal clear coverage well over 100m away, and not a single moment of feedback.”

The Fringe Theater: by Aesthesis and Starborne Sound

  • SL System w/ 4x VHD 2.21 & 4x ESM

The Hub: by Live Sound and Lighting

  • ES System w/ 1x VHD 2.21

The Parlor: by Starborne Sound

  • ES System

The Healing Center: by Immersive Experiences

  • K-Rig w/ 2x EX12

The Solar Temple: by Aesthesis

  • ES system w/2x EX12

Photo credits: Jacob Avanzato


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