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KV2 Audio at the No.4 club in Ankara



One of the latest additions to the long list of installations by KV2 Audio’s Turkish Distributors A Group is the #4 club in Ankara at the Ramada Hotel.

The club, furnished in a mix of modern and classic style, serves as a restaurant during the day and early evening before turning into one of the most famous, hip and crowded lounge bars in Ankara late into each weekend night. A Group designed and overviewed the installation, with a mix of ESD6, full range speakers and the ESD1.12, the small footprint, 12” subwoofer, specifically designed for these kind of applications where bass have to be audible but preferably not “visible” and ESD10 for some other parts of the club where levels are needed to be higher. All this of course managed by a KV2 SAC2 controller and ESP4000 four channel amplifier.

Hakan Unsal, of A Group commented: “This is not the first installation we have done with KV2 Audio since we started the distribution in Turkey and Azerbaijan just a year and half ago. For example, besides Turkey, we did few very high profile projects in Baku and one to remember is the incredible auditorium, all carved in wood, where KV2 ESD speakers have been used to reinforce an important part of it. In any case, the #4 Club is special due to its location in the centre of Ankara, and the high end hotel in which it is situated. It is a beautifully designed club, where architects had very strict requirements when it came to install any sound system”. The speakers need to be unobtrusive and the sound hi fi with smooth even coverage “So, small a place maybe, but a big challenge, KV2 was the ideal choice!” said Hakan.



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