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KV2 Audio chosen for high profile theater tour


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Fiddler Poster
Flown EX 12's and EX 10's

Following on from a successful KV2 supplement to their Hire inventory for last years 42nd Street tour, Blitz Communications have further invested in the brand for the current Fiddler on the Roof Tour featuring Paul Michael Glazer.

Chris Jordan at Blitz communications had utilised many brands over the years, but feeling audio quality had generally declined in favour of convenience, he was looking to buck the trend and move forwards with something that offered a more Musical solution, but presented in a modern way. Along with Ross Portway, who had worked on the successful 42nd Street design, they arranged for Richard Brooker, the Sound designer for Fiddler on the Roof, to be introduced to the KV2 Audio brand.

Richard picks up the story: I was asked to have a listen to KV2 Audio by a colleague and went along to a very impressive demonstration. I found that the KV2 products, right across the family of boxes, had a very true, detailed sound. Particularly the HF, which is so open and transparent, a vital quality in the theatre world of lavalier radio mics. I was also very interested in the fact that the EX cabinets were self-powered, excellent for fast theatre touring.  The entire KV2 range, from the 6’s, 10’s, 12’s right through to the Subs pack such a powerful punch and yet maintain the same sonic characteristics regardless of whether they are tickling gently or belting it out. This makes them the perfect, sensibly sized proscenium box for my world of Theatre install and touring design. They deliver a modern, punchy, detailed sound with incredible sensitivity and musicality.  The results so far have been great, one interesting point being that with the impressive coverage and ability to throw and project, it often means you don’t need as many of these boxes as you at first think, or I would have needed historically with other brands. The KV2 Audio team are dedicated audio enthusiasts who are always happy to come along and discuss ideas or help, but most importantly support me the designer and my team, as well as the company supplying the equipment to a very impressive level”. 

The Fiddler Tour continues with 8 no EX 12 Full range Active Loudspeakers, 14 EX 6‘s as compact fills, and 2 EX 10‘s accompanying four EX 2.5 Active Subwoofers.


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