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KV2 Audio Debuts New VHD5.0 at Adelaide Fringe Festival



KV2 Audio partnered with local Adelaide production company, Novatech to deploy the new VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source Array at popular Fringe Festival venue, the Royal Croquet Club. Andy Austin Brown, Technical Projects Director flew in from the UK to join Nth America/APAC Technical Support Director, Angus Davidson for a week of testing prior to the venue’s opening in February.

Australian electronic music legends, Hermitude headlined the opening night of a month of EDM and live music events at the venue. The system installed comprises of the main VHD5.0 flown system accompanied by eight pairs of VHD4.21 subs.

Managing Director of Novatech Leko Novakovich and several of his engineers were present on the opening night and were impressed by the system’s capability. “The superb audio coverage and quality of the system was incredibly impressive. I’ve now heard several artists through it of varying styles and the sonic quality has been world class with touring operators commenting on how great the system sounds!

Angus Davidson added, ”We are very thankful to Novatech for providing this opportunity to KV2 Audio to test this new Large Format Sound Reinforcement Technology. It was important to us to partner with a highly professional production company when rolling out this system. Novatech have been wonderful to work with and we are extremely pleased with the performance of the system.”

The site is active every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, until March 18, and offers a great opportunity to listen to this revolutionary new system.



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