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KV2 Audio launches VHD5.0 system in China


KV2 Audio and their Chinese distributors, AVMEDIA, took the opportunity to launch the VHD5.0 large format concert system during the recent Guangzhou Pro Light and Sound Show. Demonstrations of the system were held at a secluded location near the exhibition centre and guests were bussed from the show to the site. Attendance was excellent, despite the unusually cold weather for the first couple of days, with many of China’s leading engineers and production managers taking the time to come along and experience the VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source Array’s unprecedented performance.

Dave Croxton, sales director for Asia and North America, was assisted by KV2’s two technical directors, Angus Davidson and Andy Austin Brown. Jason Shi, AVMEDIA’s general manager for KV2 along with their chief technical engineer, Bruce Wang, provided excellent support to the KV2 team during interaction with many Chinese customers. Extensive training was provided to the AVMEDIA team on the set up and operation of the system as well as subwoofer configurations. For the demo, five VHD4.21 active 21” subs were utilised in a central cluster which has come to be known as the “KV2 Cannon” for obvious reasons when you’re standing in front of it!
In addition to the replay of program material, a band performed utilising a complete on-stage KV2 Audio ESM12 monitor system. This gave visitors the opportunity to hear the system in a live situation and appreciate its incredible dynamics and detail. Many people commented on the clarity and power of the system, even at distances in excess of 100m, but everyone was amazed by the incredibly consistent response of the system no matter where you stood.
Our launch of VHD5.0 here in China has been an outstanding success,” commented KV2 sales director, Dave Croxton. “Apart from the huge attendance of Chinese customers we had visitors from most parts of Asia including South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines. There is strong interest in the VHD5.0 here in China; we have had representatives from a wide range of industry sectors listening to the system, from live production companies at one end of the scale right through to large club installations at the other end,” Dave continued, “Given the outstanding take-up of  VHD2.0 in China, I am confident that VHD5.0 will also become a strong contender in the large format sound reinforcement market here.”


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