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KV2 Audio sound system rocked Twisted Night in Constanta



Over 2500 attendants experienced KV2 sound at event called “Twisted Night” in Constanta, Romania. Over 20 metres high hall at Exhibition Centre where sold out show was held wasn’t easy in terms of sound design since it's made of steel and glass with ceramic tiles on the floor. However point source speakers from KV2 Audio delivered excellent sound coverage for the artists like Sharam Jey, dOP, Phonique and Adrian Eftimie.

Main system consisted of two pairs of VHD2.0, VHD1.0 and VHD2.21 along with fours VHD1.21 and VHD2.16. Two pieces of ES1.0 and ES2.16 delivered monitoring set for dj’s. 

I had my little doubts when I saw such decent and compact system being set up for the show. Is it powerful enough? I had to ask myself”, says Alexandru Pintilie, producer of the show. “Then I just kept smiling all night”, adds.


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