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KV2 Audio’s ES system explodes onto the scene at 2023 Polish DJ Championships



Warsaw, Poland - As the year draws to a close, clubbers eagerly awaited the conclusion of the Polish DJ Championships, organized for the fifth consecutive year by Clubsound Management. This hotly anticipated showdown brought together the most talented club players, all vying for the coveted title of the "Best in the Art." Past champions Mave, SPLT, PLK, and Wilga have paved the way, and on December 9, the next champion emerged at Warsaw's Explosion Club.

The semi-final auditions kicked off at 11:00 a.m., featuring twenty semi-finalists. In a unique format introduced in 2019, participants selected one of ten flash drives with music and had 20 minutes to prepare their ten-minute competition set. The jury, consisting of renowned DJs, club residents, event organizers, and the editor-in-chief of Poland’s premier DJ title, Shining Beats, carefully evaluated each performance. The top three DJs—KORN, DJ PLK, and DJ SALIS—earned their spots in the night's final party.

Arcade Audio, KV2’s Polish distributor, provided a KV2 ES system for the competition, an ideal set-up for this type of event that has proved its worth many times over in the DJ and club world. The jury opted for relatively low volume levels during the auditions, as it occasionally exceeded 93dB in their centre box, yet the ES1.0 mid-high loudspeaker ensured prolonged listening comfort and precision for nuanced DJ techniques during the several hours of auditioning. The accompanying ES1.8 subwoofers delivered a satisfying bass experience during high-energy performances.

Indeed, thanks to their experience with the system in the previous year's championship, the organisers didn’t even feel the need to install limiters for the DJ signal, thanks to the ES system's impressive headroom well above 20dB.

The ES system is a favourite amongst DJs the world over,” says Arcade Audio’s Zbigniew Kalarus. “It delivers world-beating sound quality in a compact form factor that is incredibly easy to set up. In fact, the entire process took us less than 15 minutes from unpacking the car to the first soundcheck! Plug and play at its best!


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