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KV2 Audio’s VHD PRE- PERFECT just got better



Throughout the whole 50 years plus professional career of George Krampera, he has always been passionate about sound quality. Preventing the loss of information, whilst maintaining the integrity and consistency of an audio signal throughout the complete chain. He strives to deliver the atmosphere and emotion from a stage performance, directly to the audience and loves to see people SMILE when they experience that for the first time.

The design of the new VHD PRE-EQ is based on all those years of experience, presenting KV2 systems using associated electronics. It's not just a preamp equipped with line and microphone inputs, it features a revolutionary new George Krampera 8-band EQ, as well as an audiophile quality High Definition USB DAC, capable of a 384KHz/24bit sampling rate. It utilises KV2’s legendary line drivers on every output, direct summing inputs for combining multiple preamps in mixing applications, and the fastest most accurate analogue processing in the world today.

KV2 is all about using the very best available technology for any given application and with the VHD PRE you have a tool that is just perfect as a master analogue EQ, for conducting A/B comparisons, or for combining and upscaling units together to form a superb quality analogue mixer with built in USB DAC and line drivers.

More technical specifications can be found here. Pre-orders starting May 2020 at your local distributors.


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