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KV2 hosts demo at the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood



After the recent commissioning of a new ESR System at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, it was with much delight that we were able to demonstrate the system to a number of local theatre and audio identities, along with a large group of visitors who were bussed in from the NAMM show in nearby Anaheim.

A reception was provided for all attendees in the theatre foyer on arrival before the group entered the main auditorium. Sales and Marketing Director, Dave Croxton, welcomed everyone and introduced Theatre Manager, Gilbert Smith, who provided a presentation on the history of the Theatre, which was one of the first to be built in Hollywood. Technical Projects Director, Andy Austin Brown, who designed the system, then played a number of different tracks for the audience.

It was wonderful opportunity to hear the exacting quality of the ESR System in a theatre environment and the response from all attendees was extremely positive. KV2’s ESR System continues to gain worldwide acclaim in the theatre market globally and the Montalban provides an excellent showcase as we push into the US arena. A big thank you goes out to Gilbert and all the staff at the Montalban Theatre who went out of their way to make the evening a success.

Here is the setup used in Montalban Theatre:


4 – ESR215
8 – ES2.6 - Passive Double 15” Subwoofers – 8 ohms
6 – ESD36 - Triple 3” 3-way passive, full range speaker system
2 – ESD5
4 – ESM12L - 12” 2-way passive full range monitor system
4 – ESM12R - 12” 2-way passive full range monitor system
2 – ESM26


2 – VHD3200 - Dual Channel, 3200W Subwoofer Amplifier
2 – ESR3000
1 – ESP4000 - 4 x 1000W 115v Amplifier
2 – ESP2000 - 2 x 1000W Rackmount Amplifier
2 – SAC2 - Super Analog Controller
2 – SDD3 - Super Digital Delay Line


1 – VHD Preamp - Very High Definition Output Line/Mic Preamplifier


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