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KV2 prepares for a busy ISE 2023 with four product debuts



KV2 Audio unveils four new products across three different ranges at ISE 2023, in addition to hosting large-scale demos of most of the rest of the product range.

The slimline SL Series beloved of clubs and theatres the world over for its ultra-discreet profile and powerful performance sees the addition of the SL6.10 subwoofer which replaces the SL2.15. Measuring just 350mm (13.78”) deep and designed to integrate aesthetically with the SL412, the SL6.10 produces powerful, accurate bass from its ultra-slim cabinet design. Bass response is further enhanced by doubling, or even tripling the cabinets, particularly when the SL6.10 is used against or within a wall, providing optimum output for its compact footprint. It also combines acoustically with the ultra-low frequency VHD1.21 and 2.21 subwoofers as part of an active five-way system if required.

Up to three SL6.10 subwoofers can be powered from just one channel of a VHD3200/3200D amplifier, which represents considerable savings compared to its predecessor which required an amp channel to power two units. A range of simple wall-mounting, suspension and ground stacking options are available, or it can be installed directly into walls and surfaces where space or visual aesthetics are at a premium. The units may also be designed and supplied with custom colours, grille templates and logo, offering a flexible and truly designer integrated solution.

Read full press release on SL6.10

The next range to benefit from new blood is the ESR Series which was developed for a particular niche in the market where an all-in-one box is required to give clear, detailed reproduction over a wide area. The ESR106 is an active driven 3-way system employing a unique column array of multiple 6“ woofers for unparalleled high quality vocal and music reproduction in challenging acoustical spaces and ambient environments. The ESR106 is constructed to represent one large point source, with each part of the system positioned so that it is proportional in size to the wavelength it produces, thus the radiated power of each band remains consistent and balanced throughout the system’s overall frequency range. The ESR106 has a controlled coverage at low and mid frequencies to reduce indoor reflections. The ESR106 is controlled and driven by its dedicated – and also brand new -  ESR2600D amplifier, using KV2 Audio proprietary SLA technology.

Read full press release on ESR106 / ESR2600D

Finally, KV2 is pleased to launch the latest addition to the ubiquitous, installation-friendly ESD range of passive loudspeakers, the ESD8 which slots neatly into the range between the existing ESD6 and the ESD10. As its name suggests, the ESD8 is a compact passive 2-way, high output full-range loudspeaker incorporating an 8" trans-coil woofer and a 1" compression driver coupled to a wide dispersion horn. Presented conservatively like the rest of the range in a unique angled low-profile Baltic birch enclosure and designed to present exceptional speech and music definition, the ESD8 provides a smooth hi fidelity response and delivers a natural sound quality and level that is superior to many larger competing products. Ideal as a main system speaker or as an in-fill for larger systems, the flexible ESD8 can be applied quickly and efficiently on podiums, stands or suspended.

Read full press release on ESD8

Visit our booth #7G550 at ISE 2023 Barcelona (31.1. - 3.2. 2023) and experience the KV2 Difference at Outdoor Demo Site OD4 between hall 5 & 7. Use attendee invitation code 'BX5RSUNG' / link to the registration.

KV2 Audio Outdoor Demo Schedule

7 min slot starts at:

  • 10:15 and 10:43
  • 11:15 and 11:43
  • 12:15 and 12:43
  • 13:15 and 13:43
  • 15:15 and 15:43
  • 16:15 and 16:43
  • 17:15 and 17:43

On Friday last demo starts at 15:43.


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