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KV2’s VHD5.0 Delivers BAMMA Knockout Blow



As Europe’s premier Mixed Martial Arts organization, BAMMA is used to delivering powerful output at their explosive events.

The latest installment of the regular BAMMA events – BAMMA 27 – took place at the 3 Arena, Dublin on December 16th and Dublin-based production specialists Just Lite turned to the revolutionary new VHD5.0 System from KV2 Audio already known to pack a punch, delivering a knockout blow to the belief that only a Line Array solution could tackle such a venue.

KV2 have always embraced the principles and established benefits of Point Source speaker system design and have risen to the challenge of building a system for audiences of 20,000+ - the VHD5.0 System.

VHD5.0 manages to reproduce the low mid energy that certain Line Arrays provide whilst maintaining the key benefits of Point Source technology, which include minimal destructive interference in the higher frequency range and accurate impulse response resulting in superior sound.

Further information on KV2 Audio’s Revolutionary VHD5.0 System

BAMMA 27 is just one of a number of wide ranging events that Just Lite have deployed the VHD5.0 System on and have proved that the system is equally at home in the raucous environments that BAMMA crowds create, Arena events featuring some of the worlds finest DJ’s or large-scale orchestral concerts where the each nuance and the finest details need to be transferred to each and every audience member.

The VHD 5.0 System is truly a game changer and can benefit any production company willing to move on from the Line Array trend and gain warehouse and trucking space, set-up time on events and – most importantly – give their customers a far superior experience.


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