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New venue The Library in Constanta Romania



“The Library” is a “Taylor Made” project. All this because it was conceived right from the start as a unique location in the universe of bars and pubs of Constanta.

The location is distinguished by its complex design and the wide-ranging visual impact, but also by the atmosphere and the quality of sound. Exactly, the atmosphere was included in the design, from the very beginning! Details and accents harmonies in a single picture, while astonishing elements as specific basement pipes, big rigid pillars and brick walls remind of New York and London sets. In a walk through the location we will discover photos of the most representative buildings in Constanta county , among them also works of the great romanian engineer Anghel Saligny, the building itself being made by him. “The Library” rithm is carefully selected so the musical environment is created for each hour, day and time. Surely the seducing selected tracks are well-known, but that was the main ideea so that people enjoy the place from their first step inside. The sound is being played by KV2 Audio equipment. Premium products which were installed by AudioVision Team. By gathering all the information above, we can say we have created a beautiful place, where clients can be offered a break, an every-day disconnection, while we care for their smiles and goodmood!

The equipment list:

  • ESD6 – 16 pcs
  • ESD1.15 – 4 pcs
  • ESP4000 – 1 pc
  • ESP2000 -1 pc
  • SAC2 – 1 pc


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