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Saulkrasti Jazz Festival



Saulkrasti Jazz Festival is an international Jazz Festival with artists from fifteen different countries this year and has been held for seventeen years in a row.

The last five years of this festival "MD Group" was contracted to provide sound equipment service for the festival. Martins Porters, FOH Engineer for MD GRUPA, comments: "we were most certain that this festival will benefit in great amount from using such a precise instrument as is KV 2 Audio VHD system. In addition to that the festival is placed almost next to the sea shore and is pleasingly affected by the nice reverb from surrounding forest it was like working on a pair of studio monitors.

Our satisfaction was supplemented positive comments from the audience and as well from the performers and most important the organizers of this festival who after every year confirm our participation due the sound quality that we provide with the help form KV2 Audio products.

All of the stage monitoring system is also based on KV2 Audio EX series products exclusively. This year in contrast to other years with the addition of two VHD2.21 speakers to our inventory I started to experiment with different sub setups in order to provide an even coverage of low frequency through-out all of the audience area.

The sub setup for this year consisted of 4 x 2.15 and 2 x 2.21 subs with whom two cardiod sub setups where made for each left and right channel. Each cardiod sub setup consited of two 2.15 subs in the rear of one 2.21 sub spaced for a cardiod pattern with a central frequency of 70 Hz. Both of those setups where placed in the center of the stage side by side with 3,5 m spacing between the central axis of each cardiod. As the stage floor setup allowed the 2.15 subs to be placed under the stage and 2.21 where in front of the stage as seen in the picture. The delays for cardiod setup and top to sub delays where managed from KV2 Audio SDD3 delay line.

This setup provide an even coverage of the sub frequencies in front of the stage through-out the whole audience area with a slight drop of sub levels out side the audience area which is consistent with the listeners position not being in front of the whole PA.

The usage of VHD2.21 would seem as something to much for a light jazz music but in contrast provided an almost unlimited sub headroom and with the super fast circuitry of VHD3200 brought a whole new definition to the sub frequency content for this stage.

This setup was great success and is going to be used again for sure.”

 System used:

  • 2 x VHD2.0
  • 2 x VHD1.0
  • 2 x VHD2.21
  • 4 x VHD2.15
  • 2 x VHD2000
  • 4 x VHD3200
  • 2 x SDD3
  • 4 x EX10
  • 6 x EX12
  • 1 x EX2.


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