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Singapore's Siglap South Community Centre choses ES



The Siglap South Community Centre (SSCC) located in the south-eastern part ofSingapore and caters to Singaporeans from all walks of life. The centre features various facilities in support of arts, crafts, music and performance. The AVL upgrade was to enable the SSCC, as a Community Arts Node funded by the NAC, to showcase a higher standard of performing arts, arts music, dance, theatre and bring them closer to the community.

Robert Adrian from Creative Elifestyles Pte Ltd. was the consultant in charge of the installation and after careful consideration of the clubs needs and requirements selected a KV2 ES System for the main FOH. The KV2 ES1.0, ESD10 and ES2.5 combine well to offer exceptional output, clarity and performancebe it for speech reinforcement, band performances, musicals and dance performances. The speakers are very powerful and normally cater to a much higher capacity than what the hall is able to accommodate. The system rarely runs beyond a quarter of its capability. This was to give the system enough headroom to last the marathon which essentially means the systems should last and perform well for a long time.”

Dr Uma Rajan BBM, PBS and Vice Chairman of the Siglap South CC Management Committee made the following comment in respect to the newly installed system. The systems are elegant and highly professional. They have added the much needed auditory and visual excellence for the staging of performances by artistes of national and international repute. We are looking forward to the development of our SSCC Hall as a much sought after venue in the east and the staging of major arts performances for the community.“



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