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Space Knights party at The Well powered by KV2 Audio



On the weekend of September 28th, in New York, party tastemakers Cityfox from Zurich and Listed teamed up once again to turn East Williamsburg into an outer space, three-dimensional fortress of fun. After this summer’s Monkey Business, New Yorker’s were left with a feeling of longing and need for more from the almighty Cityfox/Listed alliance. We entered a conclave led by a unique group of Space Knights, all high caliber in the arts of jockeying discs, visual mapping, and sound engineering, which provided a day to night, full-on sensory dance music experience.

Doors opened at 3 p.m. sharp at the infamous Well, which was transformed into ‘The Castle’, an outdoor playground for space cadets, royal heirs, and all else who dared enter. A day of interstellar music kicked off with Sir Slee, followed by very special guest Philipp of M.A.N.D.Y., who played perfect outdoor vibes. Resonant hats, exultant synth lines, and valve-warmed kicks flooded Brooklyn’s outdoors; loose instrumental patchwork of deep grooves paved the way for Mark Henning and the boys of Adriatique to take us to another dimension. Tracks like Henning’s Trojan, Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay’s Lost In A Moment, Tale of Us’ Another Earth, and the Dixon rework of Mano le Tough’s Everything You’ve Done Before flaired through a flawless KV2 Audio system, composed by 16 units of SL412 and 6 units of VHD2.21 subwoofers controlled by Swiss Sonic Emotion WAVE I 3D-Sound processor. As if this wasn’t enough for the ultimate body high, 3D visual projection mapping from Projektil, along the venues brick exterior made for a full on audio/visual sensory adventure. Then the party moved indoors to “The Round Table,” where another KV2 audio system composed by four SL412 and two VHD2.21 blasted a chamber of eerie acid house and techno.

Thanks to top notch KV2 Audio sound installed and supervised by Stefano and Gianni Trevisan of Swiss Distributor PLUSMUSIC AG, visuals provided by Projektil, equipment and technical support provided by New York based Oxygen Eventworks and the attention to detail by Cityfox and Listed, Space Knights was another dance music experience for the books. We’ll hold onto these sightly memories until the next anticipated Cityfox Experience.


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