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Start Up Club, Anderlues, Belgium



KV2 Audio products continue to be the first choice for venues wanting the highest possible sonic quality. The Start Up Club in Anderlues, Belgium is the latest in a long line of prestigious venues relying upon KV2 to enhance the experience of its customers.

The venue, boasting a sleek and stylish aesthetic, required an audio upgrade to bring the sound system up to the same exceptional standard as the furnishings and its lighting. The task of finding a solution fell to Kick Music’s Marco Pesetti and he believed that KV2 Audio’s ES System was the perfect solution.

Despite Start Up having a capacity not much under 1000 people the complete system specification for the dance floor comprised of just two ES1.0 mid/high cabinets and four ES2.6 double 15” subwoofers, with associated EPAK2500R amplification / control units. Commonly (and incorrectly) held beliefs would suggest that this many cabinets could not offer the required coverage and output however reports from DJ’s, bar staff and revelers report that the sound system is incredible and still has plenty of headroom.The immense output, dynamics and more importantly clarity and coverage offered by the ES System is truly amazing.” Marco stated, “The fact that we have found a solution with so few cabinets allowed us to more easily blend in with the minimalist and luxurious design of the club.”

The system was supplied by M-Pro, KV2 Audio’s BeNeLux distributors, and Managing Director Mario Clabots said, “We constantly enjoy specifying KV2 Audio products. Our customers are always blown away and the great thing from an installation view point is that when the boxes are installed we rarely have to return to solve problems or tweak settings – they just work-very well.”

KV2 Audio’s ES System has been installed in venues ranging from night clubs to theatres, churches and schools. It is also being an incredibly versatile hire option due to its impressive size to output ratio.


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