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Strictly KV2 for Vincent and Flavia’s final Tango


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Following the huge success of KV2 Audio and Orbital Sound’s collaboration on 2015’s Dance ‘til Dawn West End production and tour it was without hesitation that KV2’s products were specified for Vincent Simone & Flavia Cacace’s follow up production – Last Tango.

The Strictly Come Dancing superstars have created their most moving production yet as they prepare to dance in their final ever theatre tour. Having experienced such incredible results on Dance ‘til Dawn – especially from the amazingly talented live band – the decision to continue using KV2 Audio’s EX range was taken.

KV2’s Truly Active range of EX loudspeakers feature precisely selected amplifier topologies that have been designed to deliver power through a unique LF amplifier for perfect control of the woofer, working alongside an HD amplifier implementing a discreet, classic class AB push-pull topology and an intermodulation distortion (IMD) restricting output transformer.

The products go far beyond bolting a Class D amplifier to the back of a box and KV2’s approach ensures incredible efficiency, output and clarity that surpass similar models in other manufacturers ranges.

The main FOH system was based around the 2-way EX12 12” loudspeaker using a revolutionary large format NVPD 3” compression driver – the same component used in KV2’s flagship VHD range of large format True Point Source system.

Low frequency reinforcement were also handled by subwoofers from the EX range. Several EX2.2 1000W 2x12” bass modules and EX2.5mkII 1600W 2x15” subwoofers were deployed as well as additional EX6 2-way 6” and EX10 2-way 10” loudspeakers for delay and in-fill duties.

This production represents the 3rd hugely successful show for Orbital Sound using KV2 products and suggests that 2016 will continue to see KV2’s profile sit highly within the Theatre industry – both touring and fixed install – in the UK and worldwide.

Photo credits: Manuel Harlan Photography


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