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Turay Ida Theatre: The first ESR speakers from KV2 Audio in Hungary



After 6 months of preparations and reconstruction, in the heart of the 8th district of Budapest, the Turay Ida Theatre opened its doors. This facility is the first theatre installation for KV2 in Hungary with ESR speakers and everyone is very happy with the sound quality.

The Turay Ida Theatre was founded 14 years ago as a private theatre and operated as a travelling company. This summer they found their new home, a stonewall venue in the middle of the renewed Józsefváros. This new facility on Kálvária Square holds an audience of just over 300 people. The opening ceremony was held on September 20, 2014 and the premier performance on October 18 was a very musical play, named Bubamara.

As the company has many musicals and performances for children, excellent sound quality was a priority during the preparations and planning.

Páko Kft, the distributor of KV2 Audio in Hungary with its 25 years of experience started the negotiations with the technicians of the theatre in October 2013. ES and K-Rig systems were introduced to the company during this spring and they became committed to the sound of KV2. When the new venue was chosen the plans were updated and a double ESR system was fitted and supplemented by a number of EX speakers.

The theatre is very wide but short, so their technicians requested a single left-right front speaker system with subs and the addition of a reverse stereo centre system. They also required speakers into the pit for the band, side fill and background.

The final list of the installed KV2 Audio products:

2pcs ESR212 (left-right front) 
2pcs ESR2800 
2pcs EX1.8 
2pcs EX12 (front fill)
4pcs EX12 (side fill) 
2pcs EX10 (background) 
2pcs EX10 (pit for the band)
4pcs JK P

Richard Nemes, Technical Director of the theatre requested a high quality but affordable speaker system. “We had to find an economical investment because we didn’t want to spend all our budget just on a new speaker system. The savings we made by purchasing KV2 allowed us to purchase new Sennheiser wireless microphones. The detail of sound in the performances now is the highest possible quality and we are fully satisfied with our decision.”

In the meantime, Daniel Hídvégi, the Head of Sound Technicians of the theatre has not stopped smiling since they switched on the sound system: “The sound of the theatre is like the sound of a big recording studio. We are very pleased with the dispersion which is much more important to us than the volume of the sound and the system is so powerful that we cannot turn it fully up.”

Tibor Márfai, responsible for the project in Páko Kft as distributor for KV2 said they are very proud to support the complete sound and lighting system of Turay Ida Theatre. “The priority was to find the best KV2 Audio configuration for the theatre. Then we had to consider their budget and match their further inquiries to the system as of cabling, installation, new microphones and sound processor besides the final KV2 content. The installation of this KV2 system is a great step forward for us as we have previously sold mostly mobile sound systems like the popular ES system.”

Turay Ida Theatre and Páko Kft are happy to organize demos and visits to the theatre to hear the system upon preliminary request. Those who are interested in installing a new sound system to their venue would be well advised to give them a call.


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