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KV2 Audio Demonstrates VHD5.0 at Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia

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The KV2 Asia Pacific team recently gathered in Melbourne to demonstrate the new VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source Array and the VHD2.0 Large Format Point Source System at the city’s best-known outdoor venue, the Sydney Myer Music Bowl.

Loading in at 7.00am, both systems were flown and ready for operation by 10.00am. Angus Davidson, Technical Director for Asia Pacific and North America was in charge of the set up. “It never ceases to amaze not just how quickly these systems go up but how little tweaking is required once they are in the air,” remarked Davidson. “Basically, once you get the height right it is simply a matter of adjusting the tilt angle, which on VHD5.0 can be done via remote control as the fly bar incorporates integrated tilt adjustment.” 

A noise curfew was in place until midday, but everything was ready to roll as many of Australia’s leading sound engineers started to arrive to experience this new format in large-scale sound reinforcement. With the VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source Array, KV2 has focused on creating a modular system that has minimal destructive interference while utilising multiple components in a small number of cabinets. VHD 8.10 Low Mid expansion boxes are arrayed around the VHD5.0 Mid High enclosure providing the headroom needed to deliver the low mids and keep the sound balanced.

In essence the system is pieced together to represent one very large point source, each part of the system being proportional in size to the frequency wavelengths it reproduces. The radiated power of each bandwidth therefore remains consistent and balanced in relation to the overall frequency response. This ensures the same sound is delivered to every seat in the house. 

The general feedback from visitors was extremely positive as was their amazement as to how well the sound held together despite a strong breeze blowing across the venue. “A number of engineers have commented on the system’s consistency in both frequency response and SPL in all parts of the venue but what has really impressed people is the intelligibility and coherent reproduction of the sound at the back of the venue well over 100 meters from the speakers. The fact is, that unlike line array, there is virtually no destructive interference occurring in the listening field, hence there are no losses, just a gradual drop in level as you reach the rear of the venue”.

A number of audio engineers expressed their interest in using the system. 

Tim Millikan, who has worked with many of Australia’s leading artists, summed up the system’s performance in a few words. "Incredible intelligibility, from a whisper to a roar.



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