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Stage Theater an der Elbe, Hamburg, Germany

Stage Entertainment/Morris Mac Matzen
Stage Entertainment/Morris Mac Matzen

A multi-million investment, this theatre was specifically designed and built for future Stage Entertainment productions and initially showcased an exciting new show about Germany winning the 1954 World cup, called ‘Das Musical WUNDER von BERN’.

Being relatively new to KV2 Audio, multi-award winning sound designers, John Shivers and David Patridge requested a visit to KV2 Audio’s Czech Republic facility, where they could conduct a full evaluation of the system being proposed. This included an outdoor demo where they also invited a famous German loudspeaker brand to pitch their own products against KV2. The results were very clear and following discussions and assistance from Andy Austin Brown, John Shivers and David Patridge committed to an imaginative KV2 Audio system built around a wide dispersion Point Source 5-way SL system.

Andy had the following to say about the installation: I soon realised through my discussions with John and David that this show required a very bold, dynamic and big sounding system. Once again this needed to deliver atmosphere, image and depth along with a true natural focus on the performers throughout the venue at all levels. The main front of house system utilised ‘column effect placement’ of combined KV2 Audio SL412 and SL215 system enclosures, accompanied by very low frequency VHD2.21 subwoofers. Complemented with a centre SL412, multiple ESD6 and ESD12 infills and monitors, the system has proved itself to present a vivid realistic performance, whilst creating full coverage and extremely high definition sound throughout the venue”.

It’s an outstanding success to have such consistent performance of both systems, in totally different environments with different demands”, explained Andreas Hammerich and Michel Weber, Theatrical Sound coordinators for Stage Entertainment, completely validating their decision to apply and use a KV2 Audio point source solution with the technical merits and attributes that such a system brings. On the back of this success a forthcoming third KV2 Audio system is now being specified by Stage Entertainment for a further new show in an established Berlin Theatre over the coming months.

System setup:

  • 6x SL412
  • 8x SL215  
  • 4x VHD2.21
  • 2x EX12
  • 22x ESD6
  • 12x EX6
  • 4x ESD12
  • 3x SL3000
  • 6x VHD3200
  • 7x ESP2000
  • 2x JK1


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