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Amnesia gives Ibiza something to remember with new KV2 Audio system


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Amnesia is perhaps Ibiza’s most iconic club and has a global reputation to match. First opened in 1976, Amnesia has been voted Best Global Club no fewer than four times and is never far from the top five of DJ Magazine’s Top 100 Clubs list. This year its ratings have taken yet another boost with the inauguration of a brand new, state-of-the-art KV2 Audio sound system. Billed as ‘the most advanced sound system in the world,’ the new system is housed in the bigger of the 4000-capacity club’s two spaces, the Terrace; originally open to the elements, the Terrace now sports a roof but remains a light and airy space famous for its sunrise sessions, flooding with sunlight as night becomes day.

The KV2 system replaces a bespoke sound system that had served the venue well for the last decade but was starting to show its age. The club’s owners decided that the time had come to upgrade. Already familiar with the quality of the KV2 audio experience thanks to the system already installed in another of their venues, Cova Santa, the decision was as good as made.

The brief was simple – the owners wanted the best club sound on the island. Designed by the team from KV2 Audio’s German office in Berlin with the cooperation of Johannes Kraemer (sound engineer for techno legend, Richie Hawtin, the Time Warp festival and New York’s Avant Gardner club amongst others), the system is based around eight of KV2’s ultra-slim, high power, 3-way active SL412s coupled with twelve VHD2.18J subs from the company’s flagship VHD range. The VHD2.18J is a direct radiating bass-reflex speaker containing two high performance 18” transducers designed to withstand extremely high power levels. KV2’s unique SLA technology delivers unprecedented levels of dynamic range, ultra-low distortion, extreme clarity and, crucially, unparalleled definition over distance thanks to the use of hybrid electronics matched to each of the fastest and lowest distortion transducers available today, and digital electronics with the highest sampling rate ever used in a professional loudspeaker system. 

My intention was to give Amnesia’s technicians a versatile tool that allows them to run shows in three directions depending on where the DJ is situated, either at the front, back or side of the room,” says Kraemer. “I programmed a solution where they can do that simply by recalling a scene from the desk. Also, each VIP zone can be controlled individually.

Another intention was to design a system that can deliver a variety of different sound experiences, ranging from hyper-loud, to clean analytical, right through to bass-heavy Detroit style. Also, a perfectly time-aligned sound design suitable for bands is possible when the top speakers are switched to delay line mode. In other words, the system is flexible enough to cater for anything Amnesia wants to do.

After the official opening and the Cocoon night with Richie Hawtin, Kraemer was touched by the praise from clubbers and even other venues on the island. But, he says, for him, the highest testament was that, “They all danced until daylight. And the vibe felt wonderful.

Amnesia’s regular and resident DJs have noticed the difference:

KV2 is, without a doubt, one of the best and most innovative sound systems that I have worked with.” says Hector Couto. “It preserves sound quality without compromising musical nuances. It’s a pleasure playing with such frequency precision.” 

Resident DJ CAAL, who was nominated as breakthrough artist in the 2018 DJ Awards, agrees: “It’s the perfect sound system for our Terrace. I love to be able to listen to music in its purest state, from low to high frequencies, without any processes altering the sound. That is exactly what KV2 delivers.

Five-time DJ Award winner and ten-time nominee, Luciano, adds: “Sound is one of the key elements in a club. It allows you to feel the music, a tool to reflect art and expression. For me, it’s important to have a system that can translate those feelings in the best possible way. I think Amnesia’s Terrace totally achieves that through its KV2 sound system.

Ricardo Villalobos, icon of the minimal techno scene, is more succinct: “After 20 years at Amnesia, I can now say we have a loud and clear sound system at the Terrace."

The final word goes to Amnesia’s artistic director and long-term resident, Martin Vega, aka Mar-T: "For the last 10 years, Amnesia has been using a custom sound system that people loved but it was time to change as technology improved. KV2 was the best option for us - it’s the only professional sound system that’s still analogue and the sound on the Terrace is perfect.” 

The DJ booth has also been given the KV2 treatment with two full range, 3-way ESR212s combined with a pair of VHD2.18J subs. Its residents are loving the results, claiming that the clarity of the sound has enabled the detail of their mix to stand out in a way that ‘recreates the music,’ adding a whole new dimension to their work. An ESR system also resides in the VIP area, although this time the larger ESR215s - the ultimate full range 3-way system with a wide 110-degree horizontal dispersion – replace the need for separate subwoofers to deliver a high quality audio experience in more intimate surroundings.

There are far too many disappointing or average audio experiences these days, so it has been really refreshing to work with the Amnesia team who genuinely care, truly understand and completely appreciate the KV2 difference in delivering something new and exceptional for Ibiza,” says George Krampera Junior, CEO at KV2 Audio.

Our revolutionary technologies allow Club and Dance music to be presented in a way previously not experienced,” he continues. “The lowest distortion levels on the planet and the highest dynamics allow every nuance of a DJ’s mix to be delivered, absorbed, understood and enjoyed. The concept of audiences staying longer in areas of high SPLs without ear fatigue or ‘ringing ears’ offers an amazing clubbing experience and, most importantly, it makes everybody smile. We’re very proud that we’ve been able to achieve that in Amnesia, one of the highest profile clubs in the world, and that they are happy with the results.” 

KV2 Audio systems are in use in high profile clubs around the world as well as on major theatrical productions and Broadways shows such as The Lion King, Pretty Woman, Mamma Mia!, and West Side Story.

Download Amnesia's case study (pdf)


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