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Daon SD brings intelligibility to Seosan city council with KV2



Appointed as KV2 Audio’s Korean distributor in December 2019, Seoul-based Daon SD already has an impressive number of projects to its name despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent has been the installation of a new sound system in the main conference hall of the Seosan City Council municipal building to improve intelligibility.

Seosan is a city located 125km south of Seoul in South Chungcheong Province in South Korea with a population of around 175,000. The City Council, which has increasing weight in the local region, turned to Daon SD after consultation with local partners who recommended their services. “We feel it is important to provide a full analysis of the characteristics of the space in order to deliver the best possible solution,” says Daon SD director, B.S. Koo. “Our task was to improve the quality of the sound in the main assembly hall of the municipal council building with particular emphasis on intelligibility,” he continues. “It also had to blend harmoniously with the hall’s interior for minimal visual impact.”

Daon SD opted for four compact, full range ESD25 loudspeakers in white. Visually discreet thanks to their very low profile, these loudspeakers deliver exceptional clarity for speech and program reproduction. They are supplemented by two of KV2’s most bijou loudspeakers, the recently introduced ESD Cube. Installed at the back of the room, these high quality ultra-compact 5-inch loudspeaker designs act as delays to the main system.

The previous system had a real problem with intelligibility, which tended to be compensated by increasing the volume. This was extremely uncomfortable for delegates, resulting in stress, listening fatigue and shorter attention spans. The new KV2 system has completely solved those issues – speech is now crystal clear throughout the room, regardless of who is speaking or where you are seated; the experience is the same throughout. Consequently, as intelligibility has increased, overall volume levels have actually been reduced which vastly improves listening comfort. Delegates and lawmakers emerge from sessions far less fatigued than previously, resulting in greater efficiency,” reports Mr Koo.

This is their first experience with KV2, which wasn’t a brand they were familiar with, but they trusted me when I said it would be the best solution. I’m pleased to say that all the city council members are delighted with the results.” 


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