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ESL Reaffirm Commitment to KV2



KV2 Audio’s long-standing Chelmsford, Essex UK based dealer Event Sound and Light have just reaffirmed their commitment to the brand by adding to their already formidable KV2 hire inventory.

Formed in 2003 following the merger of two established companies their inception fell in line with the early days of KV2. Event Sound and Light and KV2’s dealings began in 2004 with the initial purchase of several ES Systems. 2005 saw them add to this with their first VHD system – KV2’s flagship True Point Source approach to large-scale audio reinforcement.

Fast-forward to early 2016 – and following the addition of products from KV2’s active EX range and passive ESD range – Directors Paul Galley and Nigel Hills sought to increase their hire inventory further to accommodate the growing demand for their services.

Following countless memorable events and projects, ESL’s experience and knowledge gained with over ten years of working with KV2 products meant that – even though other established brands were auditioned and evaluated – they chose to add significantly to their KV2 stock.

Early summer saw ESL take delivery of no fewer than four new ES Systems and a second VHD System complete with recently up-dated flying system. Eight ES1.8 1x18” subwoofers and eight ES2.6 2x15” subwoofers were purchased to be used with each system giving flexibility depending the nature of each event.

Paul Galley commented on the investment: “Having worked so successfully with our existing KV2 products for such a long time it made complete sense to increase our stock to cover the increasing level of work and exciting projects we are undertaking. Having said this, we did not blindly re-invest in KV2 and spent time evaluating the options available. Being so familiar and happy with our ES Systems I personally consider them the benchmark when listening to any other system. It always amazes me and outshone all other systems – and proves that the latest revolutionary technology or new fad does not always mean an improvement in audio quality. We own some of the very first ES Systems and apart from a few upgrades – including the 20MHz delay line technology – ES is essentially the same system as it was back then and nothing compares to what it can achieve especially for its footprint!”

Event Sound and Light now boast one of the largest hire stocks of KV2 products in the UK and KV2 look forward to reporting on the ESL’s continued success using our products.


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