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FOREVER sounds like paradise with KV2 Audio in Wuhan


A spectacular opening night in November heralded the launch of the FOREVER Club in Wuhan, China’s biggest nightclub project in 2022. Situated in the Xintiandi business district of Wuhan, FOREVER uses fashion, art and music to create a new entertainment landmark. In keeping with the rest of the ultra-high-class décor and astonishing ceiling creations, FOREVER has also invested in a state-of-the-art audio system, the flagship VHD5 from KV2 Audio. This marks the second VHD5 installation in a Chinese nightclub, the first being at TAXX II in Shanghai in 2021.

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Financed by Chinese entertainment giant, Noah’s Ark Group, FOREVER Wuhan is a 5,000-square-meter venue consisting of three main areas: the principal 2000-capacity ‘House Style’ hall, a smaller ‘HipHop’ area, and several private KTV rooms. The main hall contains some breath-taking trussing structures, sophisticated lighting and 3D effects as well as the ultra-powerful KV2 VHD5 system which was specified, designed and installed by Guangzhou Idee International Sound System Co., Ltd. (IDEE) part of KV2’s Chinese distributor AVMedia.

As with everything else in the FOREVER club, the investors wanted a sound system that was out of the ordinary – something that would create an experience never to be forgotten,” says AVMedia’s Mr Tony. “Noah’s Ark were already familiar with KV2 as they’d previously replaced systems from other extremely well-known audio brands with KV2 in five of their other nightspots around China, as the other systems simply didn’t live up to their expectations. When I suggested the flagship VHD5 for FOREVER, they didn’t hesitate.

Mr Tony specified a L/R system comprising a VHD5.0 mid/hi and a VHD8.10 low/mid element per side with two VHD2.0 frontfills. 16 x ESD12 2-way full range loudspeakers (known as TIME12 in China) act as a fill system for the numerous private booths and VIP areas, while 50 x ESD1.18 subwoofers provide powerful sub bass reinforcement. 24 of the 50 subwoofers cover the 16m in front of the DJ booth, with eight subs built into the front of the booth itself and eight subs flown per side. The remaining 26 units are built into seating booths distributed across the back of the room. Power, processing and control for the VHD systems are supplied by dedicated VHD power units, VHD5000, VHD5000S and VHD2000 respectively. Finally, a pair of powerful ESM312 monitors act as DJ monitors.

Audio for the (much) smaller HipHop room – just 150 capacity – is provided by a pair of ESM312s, a pair of TIME12s and twelve ESD1.18 subs.

What never fails to impress with KV2, and in particular the VHD systems, is the ability to cover such vast areas with so few boxes, yet the clarity and precision wherever you are in the room is simply unrivalled,” enthuses Mr Tony. “FOREVER aims to impress at every level – visually, aesthetically, and sonically – it is certainly right up there with TAXX II as one of the world’s superclubs. We’re very proud to be part of the FOREVER experience.”

Main system:

  • 2x VHD5.0
  • 2x VHD8.10
  • 2x VHD5000
  • 2x VHD5000S
  • 2x VHD2.0 (as Frontfill)
  • 2x VHD2000
  • 2x ESM312 (Dj monitoring)
  • 16x TIME12 (Fills)
  • 50x ESD1.18

Hip Hop Room:

  • 2x ESM312
  • 2x TIME12
  • 12x ESD1.18


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