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KV2 Audio's Succesful Mission at Pro Light & Sound 2015


The 2015 Pro Light and Sound in Frankfurt proved to be an extremely successful event, lifting the profile and acceptance of KV2 Audio amongst the worlds leading brands in Pro Audio.

Exhibiting on our biggest stand ever, the release of VHD5.0 brought KV2 into the large format concert system arena and many interested parties made enquiries asking about direct comparisons with the other leading brands in this area of the market. Without doubt this years show cemented KV2's credibility as serious competitor in the top end of the market.

KV2 Audio's recap of PLS 2015:

Meanwhile out on the concert stage our new Active 4.21 Bass Units where literally blowing people over with tight, punchy bass that you could definitely not only hear but feel. Operating with just a single VHD2.0 per side the system performed flawlessly continually impressing the large crowds that gathered for each demo.

PLS 2015 was a strong sign of things to come for KV2 in 2015 as the company continues to grow both in sales and stature. We can't wait for next year!


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