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KV2 create a new Sound Alliance


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Sound Alliance

When Mike Smith and Brian Glover of Halifax-based audio providers Sound Alliance began considering a new audio brand to enhance their hire inventory they had no hesitation in turning to KV2 Audio products to help make the step up.

Mike explains "Having recently purchased two Roland M5000 consoles and REAC V mixing systems we were in the market for a high quality professional point source sound system to add to our existing audio rental stock."

KV2 Audio's True Point Source approach to loudspeaker design was the ideal fit for Sound Alliance, with Mike having had the opportunity to experience KV2's now legendary ES System "up-close-and-personal" in the real world whilst touring with the Chicago Blues Brothers show.

"Having been able to experience a single ES System delivering consistently stunning sound for an 11-piece band on in excess of 150 theatre shows we became convinced that KV2 was the way forward."

At the beginning of 2018 Sound Alliance took delivery of a double ES System enabling them to operate several high quality KV2 Systems at the same time or combining the systems to deliver uncompromised high quality output all whilst being sensitive to logistics, size of cabinets and set-up times - all major factors for which KV2 continues to tick boxes around the world.

"Two KV2 Audio ES Systems that use just 1 x ES1.0 and 2 x ES2.6 per side provide our professional customers, touring engineers, promoters and venues with greater flexibility and significant cost savings without compromising on audio quality." continues Mike.

"We already knew from our own experiences that a single ES System would be more than ample for live shows and musicals in 90% of UK Theatres - fewer boxes mean faster load-ins and load-outs, easier system set-up and more economical transportation. For the remaining 10% of Theatres and larger outdoor events we are able to offer a combination of the two ES Systems."

Mike and Brian were debating between double ES and the larger VHD system but ultimately their experiences on the road already and target market of Theatre lead them down the ES route.

"We had considered a single VHD System but ultimately felt that ES was more suited to our business with more flexibility whilst still delivering stunning audio quality. The support we have always had from KV2 Audio's UK Office in Harrogate shouldn't be underestimated in our decision making."


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