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KV2 marries performance and quality at HRH Prince Al-Hussein's Royal Wedding


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2023 was a landmark year for Jordan as it celebrated the royal wedding of HRH Crown Prince Al-Hussein. The grand reception, held on May 31st at Madareb in the Royal Hashemite Court, welcomed over 5,000 guests, setting the stage for the following day's nuptials.

For this prestigious event, KV2 distributor and pro AV specialist Triad Technical Services was entrusted with providing sound, visuals, and lighting. An unusual challenge presented itself with the stage’s design—a massive seven-pointed Jordanian Star—located centrally within a vast outdoor space. The stage featured a 252-meter LED screen and accommodated more than 300 performers who could enter from ground level or ascend via a hidden staircase.

The sound needed to project through 360 degrees as the stage was in the middle of the space with guests seated on all sides,” recalls Amjad Marar, General Manager of Triad. “The other issue was that the loudspeakers had to be out of sight! We opted to place a stack comprising one VHD2.0 atop two VHD4.18 Subs in each point of the star, cleverly concealed to maintain aesthetic integrity and remain invisible to cameras. This arrangement delivered a beautifully even soundstage, allowing every note to resonate perfectly across the venue.

The celebrations went off without a hitch, running seamlessly from start to finish, much to the pride and relief of all concerned. “It was an honour to have been asked to serve at for an occasion of this magnitude,” says Marar. “We’re incredibly proud to have delivered a sound solution that not only met but exceeded the high standards expected at such a significant royal event.

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