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Luxury BAGATELLE Dubai Equipped with KV2 Audio


In temperatures hitting 49 degrees during glorious Dubai's heat wave, Triangle Entertainment Services were tasked with specifying an audio system for Bagatelle Dubai - an unconventional venue with a music lower than average ceiling. Located in the famous Fairmont Hotel on Shiekh Zayed Road the brief was that Bagatelle was to become a lavish entertainment space with stylish décor, leather seating and modern art paintings and it required an audio system of matching quality.

Having considered several options to fulfil the requirement of great sounding background music but with the capability for high level DJ playback Zahid R. Elian, Triangle's Head of Sound, had no difficulties convincing the owners and management to go with a KV2 Audio solution.

Because of the profile of the project the owners of Bagatelle could request any loudspeaker brand but they relied on Triangle's extensive knowledge and experience. Also key to the project was the assurance that the project could be delivered quickly as the company wanted to open within a very challenging time frame. The fact that Ramadan also fell within the projects time frame added further considerations as Dubai is generally idle.

A total of twenty seven KV2 Audio ultra compact 2-way 5" ESD5's were installed and driven by just two KV2 Audio ESP2000 2x1000W amplifiers. These were augmented by six EX2.2 2x12" subwoofers and an SAC2 2 in 4 out Super Analogue Controller to create a system that delivers incredible clarity and the finest detail. 

Such was the positioning of the ESD5's that a true stereo image is experienced throughout the venue and the amazing performance of the EX2.2 subwoofers provides low frequency that can be felt from the lowest volume background music to full scale DJ events.

The ultra-low distortion figures across the KV2 Audio range also ensures that – even at high volume – the ear fatigue associated with other manufacturers sound systems in other loud venues is none-existent.


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