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Opera Cafe Feszty Bar Chose EX Series from KV2 Audio



KV2 Audio are pleased to announce that yet another premium venue in Hungary has chosen KV2 products as the ideal choice to enhance the experience of it's new client base.

Situated in the former Cigar Saloon of the unique Opera House, Budapest - which used to host meetings of the countries aristocrats - the chamber was transformed by the Zsidai Group in to what is now a top Gastronomic restaurant and bar called the Sarastro Bar.

Visit Opera Café Budapest website

As well as being open to members of the public, the venue also caters for spectators visiting the Opera. Customers can enjoy refreshments before shows and during intervals in the Bar which has a capacity of up to 800 evening visitors - all of whom can also enjoy music reinforcement courtesy of KV2 Audio's EX products.

András Kárpáti, CEO of Megatone Ltd., was tasked with specifying a system of which "world class sound quality" was demanded. Explaining his decision he comments "KV2's EX products have an incredible sound and the quality is exceptional - especially considering the reasonable pricing. The EX1.2 single 12" subwoofer has such a deep response it feels like many other manufacturers 18" subwoofers".

A total of six EX6 active 2-way 6" loudspeakers were mounted above the bar at the centre of the Opera Café with two EX1.2 active single 12" subwoofers hidden from view. It was important to hide the subwoofers but maintain the systems clear sound image.

We are delighted to report that the system met the expectations and that the top class venue now boasts a top class sound system.

System setup:

  • 6x EX6
  • 2x EX1.2

Photos credit: Opera Cafe Feszty Bar


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