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Panache Audio Systems choose ES



Kent based audio specialists Panache Audio Systems have become one of the latest hire companies to recognise the clear and obvious benefits of adding KV2’s True Point Source ES Systems to their hire inventory.

Having run another manufacturers compact Line Array Panache Audio’s Director Dave Ong was initially unhappy with the performance of the accompanying subwoofers. Having heard positive reports of the musicality associated with KV2 Audio’s range of subwoofers, a demonstration was arranged to try them underneath the existing Line Array tops.

A local 1,000 capacity theatre was hired for the day and to make the most of the environment KV2 brought along a wide ranging selection of their product range just for Panache’s general interest. Included in this range of products was a complete ES System using ES2.6 2x15” subwoofers – the subwoofers Dave was considering to use with his existing system. Within minutes of hearing the ES System the dynamic of the demonstration began to change and – getting excited about the potential of ES - it became a straight shoot-out between the two complete systems.

KV2 Audio are delighted to report that this shoot-out led to Panache taking delivery of an ES System – supplied from stock held in KV2 Audio Europe Ltd.’s Harrogate warehouse – less than a week after the demo concluded.  The ES System – comprising 2 x ES1.0 mid/hi enclosures, 4 x ES2.6 2x15” subwoofers and 2 x EPAK2500R amplification and control units was supplied with bespoke magnetic carts, flying frames and patch panel.

Dave also chose to invest in a pair of the recently released ESD5 ultra compact passive 2-way 5” enclosures as a front fill / delay solution. Upon taking delivery Dave took to social media and posted the following on Panache Audio System’s Facebook page“New toys for 2016. Delivery of a new KV2 sound system, probably the best sound control I’ve ever heard in reinforced audio. First show this weekend and can’t wait.”

Following that first show Dave returned to Facebook with more effusive praise having engineered one of his regular shows – The Whitney Show featuring a 9-piece live band: “OK, this is a big statement, KV2 ES is the best controlled and dynamic system I have ever plugged a desk in to. If you know how to mix a band with this tool you will create a masterpiece of live sound and that’s exactly what KV2 did for me last night. Well done the Whitney Show and a big well done and thank you KV2 speaker systems.”

Speaking about the initial demonstration and what exactly prompted Panache to replace their existing system Dave comments: “We had a great day, Tom from KV2 was a true gent with all the different combinations I wanted to try he was there on hand. The smaller boxes in the EX range were very impressive and I’m glad I heard them for future reference but for me on the day was to find a solution to my midsized audio requirements for live theatre shows and smaller outdoor concerts. When I tried the EX2.5 active subs under my line array there was an improvement in the bass control, then we switch over to the full ES system and wow, I didn’t want to stop listening to it. Accurate controlled sound that puts a smile on your face so I ordered a complete ES system then and there.”

KV2 are delighted to have Panache on-board and look forward to hearing how our products continue to benefit their productions and installations moving forward.

For more information on Panache Audio Systems visit their website.


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