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JORDAN: Triad Technical Services has installed a KV2 Audio EX10 system to cover the newly built Studio 26 live entertainment venue in Amman. The newly constructed venue is the first part of the Blue Diamond project to open and sees performances covering a wide variety of musical genres every night.

This is part of the larger Blue Diamond project that also includes a main dinner theatre with 400 seat capacity,’ explained Triad Technical Services general manager, Amjad Marar. ‘The main theatre is still under construction, so the owner has decided to open Studio 26 which is a smaller more intimate bar/lounge within the same building to give their clients a taste of what’s to come.’

It was a competitive selection process with Triad winning the deal thanks to the reputation it and KV2 have developed in Jordan. ‘This client wanted the best possible sound system they could get, so they were evaluating several options for the venue,’ recalled Mr Marar. ‘Triad has been working with KV2 Audio for the past eight years and has built a reputation for the brand through both installations and by doing the biggest live shows in Jordan exclusively with KV2 Audio. That really helped our client realise that this is the best brand they could get.’

The solution specified by Triad is based around the Czech manufacturer’s EX10 cabinets along with EX1.2 active subwoofers. Control is via a DiGiCo S21 console and Shure Beta 58s, 57s and 81s form the mic package.

We needed to get a system that could deliver a great deal of power while being as compact and discreet as possible, hence the EX10 was the perfect choice,’ said Mr Marar. ‘We needed to install the speakers as high as possible because the venue has a low ceiling. That meant having them on the ceiling. Also we chose the EX1.2 subs because they are slim and can be tucked in within the decor, which worked out quite well.

The installation project took around three weeks and Mr Marar is very pleased with the result. ‘I think we got a very nice sound distribution in this project. Also there is tremendous headroom, so the system is always delivering clear and dynamic sound with ease.

Most importantly, the client is also pleased with how the venue sounds. ‘The client is very happy with the results, also they are getting a lot of positive feedback from their customers.’


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