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Evergreen Club Complex in Romania Received KV2 Sound 


When Csaba Majoros, owner of a Romanian local TV station and a lifetime fan of quality audio equipment, decided to build his own luxury hotel to incorporate a music club, he wasn't willing to make any compromises in terms of sound quality.

"I've been in show-business and club music for more than 25 years, so I wanted the absolute best for my new complex including the music club, conference room and the hotel in Baia Mare”, says Csaba Majoros. "During some deep research, I somehow found KV2 while surfing on the Internet, I wanted to compare the more so - called leading brands and invite the KV2 distributor and Partner to run a defined and controlled A/B test for me so that I could make an informed choice for my project."  The Romanian distributor - Audivision  based in Constanta, 900 km away from Baia Mare didn’t hesitate a minute. After an A/B test against competing brands including L’Acoustics, things started moving quickly. “I couldn’t believe the clarity, power and transparency of the sound and especially the quality of the sound even when operated at low volume', says Mr. Majoros.

Before the installation begun, Marius Craiu of Audiovision Store explained to the client the importance of acoustical treatment. “I really loved the project from the beginning and especially Csaba’s openess to our solution”, Marius remembers and adds: “We recommended him to consider the windows from the start and some soundproofing of the walls and ceiling and he made it happen”. All the windows that could cause any harm to the acoustics were removed and replaced by faux ones from the outside. “For the walls we used 60 acoustic panels over 50Sqm, in order to cancel a flutter effect created by the peak pyramid form of the ceiling”, says Marius. "After I explained to him how important it is that a Club should have good soundproofing and acoustics, he immediately cancelled all the planned windows, (which are now fake windows - see the photo of the club)." After that, a soundproofing material was placed on all the walls and ceilings with a 15cm depth. 

The Main conference room has been equipped with 6 x ESD5’s, whilst the restaurant received 6 pieces of costume coloured ESD6 full range enclosures, installed on the walls plus a mobile sound system set-up for live events, consisting of 2 x EX12’s and 2 x EX1.18 subwoofers. When it comes to the 2nd-floor club, the ground floor is equipped with 4 x three-way ESD15’s and 4 x ESD1.18 subwoofers, where the first floor has a huge central void, it is equipped with a further 4 x ESD12’s aligned from the centre to the margins and 4 x ESD1.18’s



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