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KOSMOS ZURICH, Switzerland


Thanks to the fact that KOSMOS is a multi-purpose entertainment complex, Europa Avenue was able to become a cultural entertainment center in Zurich.

KOSMOS offers its visitors a forum with performances, a large bistro, six cinemas and halls, a bar / club overlooking the railway and a bookstore. Thanks to its sunny square and shady, leafy courtyard, it will ensure you a pleasant time on hot days.

KOSMOS is not just a center full of all kinds of services or offers. It is a place where you can combine leisure time with business, excitement and relaxation at the same time. It spreads over 4500 square meters in the cultural space. Thanks to its level, KOSMOS needs a sound system that will match its overall quality.

The natural choice for which was clearly KV2 Audio, whose versatile and impressive products handle the wide-ranging requirements with ease and excellence

"An uncompromised KV2 Audio delivery chain is the closest that any system can get to reproducing the original live airborne signal, in whatever form. KV2 Audio systems are characterized by their superior reproduction quality."
Michael Dietiker, Technical Manager

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